《App》EZ Folder Player

Prefer using folder to manage your music files?
Always hard to find the song you want to play in stock music player?

This app is for you!
EZ Folder Player is an alternative music player based on folder structure.

* Simple and easy to use.
* Supports Shuffle / Repeat one / Repeat All.
* Provides 4x1 and 4x2 widgets.
* Support sleep timer.
* Color theme select option.
* Support 3rd party Equalizer.
* Support notification control.
* Support lock screen control. (On android 5.0 and above, you need to change your "Sound & Notification" -> "When device is locked" setting to "Show all notification content" or "Hide sensitive notification content".)
* Ad-supported, you can purchase an in-app feature to remove ads.

How to use:
* Browse to your music folder and choose which music file you want to start playing.
* You can play all the music within a folder and it's subfolders by clicking the folder icon.
* You can select multiple folders you want to play by long press on the list.
* You can modify the initial folder in settings.

* If you'd like to help to translate this app to your language, please send me an email, thank you.


EZ Folder Player是一種基於文件夾結構的音樂播放器。

* 簡單且容易使用
* 支持 隨機 / 重複一首 / 重複全部
* 提供 4x1 與 4x2 的小工具
* 睡眠定時器
* 自訂主題顏色
* 支援第三方等化器
* 支持通知列音樂控制
* 支持鎖屏控制 (在Android 5.0及以上版本,您必須將"音效通知"->"裝置鎖定時"設定為"顯示所有通知內容"或"隱藏機密通知內容"。)
* 廣告支持,您可以透過應用程式內購買來移除廣告。

* 瀏覽到您音樂所在的文件夾並選擇您想要開始播放的音樂
* 您可以透過點擊文件夾圖示來播放所有位於該文件夾及其子文件夾中的音樂
* 您可以長按列表以選擇多個目錄
* 您可以在設定裡修改起始文件夾

* 如果您願意協助翻譯這個應用程式,請電郵給我,感謝。
Free Version (Ad-Supported)
Paid Version (Ad-Free USD 0.99) 


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