《App》Image to ColorSketch

Image to ColorSketch can help you:
1.Convert your images and photos into colored-pencil style.
2.Set processed image as wallpaper or contact icon.
3.Share processed image with your friends.

*You can set the intensity of colored-pencil effect in settings.
*Processing speed depends on the hardware and image size.
*Processed image will be saved in your SD Card/Pictures/ImageToColorSketch directory.

Image to ColorSketch 能幫助您:
1. 將圖像或照片轉換成彩色鉛筆素描風格
2. 將處理過的圖像設為桌布或聯絡人圖示
3. 將處理過的圖像與朋友們分享

*處理過的圖像將被儲存於您SD Card中的Pictures/ImageToColorSketch 目錄.

Free Version (Ad-Supported)
Paid Version (Ad-Free USD 0.99)


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